What does RDT stand for?

Relationship defining talk

In the world of dating, there might be a point where a guy and a girl need to have a serious conversation about where their relationship is headed. This is where the term RDT comes into play.

RDT, or Relationship Defining Talk, is a chat intended to clear up any ambiguity about the status of a romantic bond. It usually takes place several weeks or months after the relationship has started.

This lingo has gained popularity on Christian college campuses, where dating relationships are often taken very seriously. The RDT is seen as a vital part of navigating these relationships.

So, next time when you hear someone mention RDT, now you know they’re talking about that all-important chat that helps determine the future of a relationship.

Example for using ‘RDT’ in a conversation

Hey, did you have the RDT with John yet? 😬

Not yet, I’m nervous! What if it’s too soon? 😳

Don’t worry, it’s just a talk to make sure you’re on the same page. You’ll be fine! 😊

Okay, I’ll bring it up tonight. Wish me luck! 🀞🏼