What does Reach mean in sports drafting?

Picking a player earlier than necessary

In sports or fantasy leagues like the NFL, NBA, or MLB, the term ‘Reach’ is used when a player is drafted earlier than expected. It’s like someone stretching their arm to grab something that’s not easily within their grasp. This is especially common in sports such as football, basketball, or baseball.

Players’ worth is usually determined by team owners and analysts during the draft process. They assess the potential or ceiling of each player to decide where they should be drafted. However, sometimes teams may ‘Reach’ for players if they overly value them or if they are in desperate need of a certain position and there’s no better player available.

This term can also be used as a noun. For example, one might say, “he was a reach at 23 overall,” meaning the player was probably drafted too soon considering their predicted value. ‘Reach’ is a simple term but it speaks volumes about a team’s perception of a player’s worth and potential.

Example for using ‘Reach’ in a conversation

Hey, did you watch the draft last night?

Yeah, I did! What did you think about the first round?

I thought some teams made some questionable picks.

I know, right? Like when the Jets drafted that quarterback at number 2.

Total reach! He wasn’t even projected to go that high.

Exactly! They could’ve gotten him later in the draft.

Definitely. It’s always interesting to see who reaches for players.

Yeah, some teams just get too excited and don’t stick to their draft board.