Real Talk

What does Real Talk mean?

Genuine Honesty

Real Talk is all about honesty. It’s when someone speaks openly and truthfully, without worrying about how their words might be received. This kind of straightforward communication can happen in person, over the phone, or online.

Unlike polite or passive-aggressive conversations, real talk is direct and to the point. It’s most common among close friends or family members who need to clear the air and resolve any pent-up tension in their relationship.

However, not all real talk is welcome or appropriate. Some people, often seen as “over-sharers”, use real talk without considering social norms. These individuals, who could be teenagers or socially awkward adults, don’t hesitate to say what’s on their mind, regardless of the circumstances.

Social media platforms are a popular place for real talk. They allow these over-sharers to reach a wider audience than just sending a text or shouting in the street. Real talk on social media can range from personal revelations to blunt opinions on various topics.

Example for using ‘Real Talk’ in a conversation

Hey, can I be real with you for a sec? 😬

Of course! Real talk, always. What’s up? πŸ€”

I need to tell you something, and it might hurt a little. πŸ˜•

No worries, hit me with it. Real talk, remember? πŸ˜…