What does Receipts mean?

Proof that backs up a statement

When you hear the term ‘Receipts’, it’s not about the paper slips you get at the store. It’s a slang term that means any kind of proof, like comments, images, or videos, that back up a claim or statement.

It’s often used when someone is trying to prove a point or expose someone’s lies. Imagine someone saying something false, and you have a screenshot that proves they’re lying – that’s your receipt.

The idea behind the term comes from physical receipts that you get when you buy something. Just like those pieces of paper prove you’ve bought something, these ‘slang receipts’ prove that something was said or done.

It’s kind of like saying “the proof is in the pudding” or following a “paper trail”. These phrases all mean the same thing – they’re about finding hard evidence that leads to the truth.

So next time you hear the term ‘Receipts’, remember it’s not about shopping. It’s about finding evidence and proving the truth.

Example for using ‘Receipts’ in a conversation

Hey, did you hear what John said about me?

Yeah, he claimed that you started the rumor.

Well, I have receipts that prove he’s lying.

Oh, really? Show me!