What does Redditor mean?

Someone who uses Reddit

A Redditor is someone who actively uses Reddit, a site that combines elements of a news site, a web forum, and a social media platform. Being a Redditor involves more than just browsing the site; Redditors often have their own accounts and are usually subscribed to several subreddits, which are like mini forums dedicated to specific topics.

Redditors engage with the site in many ways. Some use their accounts to comment on news articles and posts made by other Redditors. Others post a wide range of content, from news articles to cat GIFs, angry rants, interesting weblinks, and much more. Their posts span across the vast array of subreddits Reddit has to offer. The most devoted Redditors can even become moderators (mods) of their favorite subreddits, which gives them the ability to manage the posts and comments that show up in those subreddits.

One important aspect of Reddit is that it allows Redditors to stay anonymous. This lets users post content or ask questions they might feel embarrassed about without worrying about being judged or facing consequences. For instance, many posts in the TIFU (Today I Fucked Up) subreddit are made by anonymous users using temporary “throwaway” accounts, so their real identities remain hidden.

Example for using ‘Redditor’ in a conversation

Hey, have you heard of Reddit?

Yeah, I’m a Redditor!

Oh, really? What do you do on there?

I browse different subreddits and comment on posts.