What does Regram mean?

Posting on your Instagram what someone else has already posted

When you use the term ‘Regram’, you’re talking about sharing another user’s Instagram post on your own timeline, in your stories, or even in a direct message (DM). It’s a way to put fresh content out there for your followers to see, while also giving a shout out to the person who made the original post.

If you’re familiar with Twitter, think of it like retweeting a tweet. On Instagram, you can regram in a few different ways. You can screenshot a post you like and then post it on your own timeline. Or, you can share it right in the app, either in your stories or in a DM.

But no matter how you choose to regram, it’s super important to give credit to the person who made the original post. You might see people doing this by tagging the original poster and adding the hashtag “#regram” to their post description.

Also, you might hear people use ‘regram’ as a noun, to mean a post that has been regrammed. For instance, you could tell your buddy that their regram from last night had you cracking up.

Example for using ‘Regram’ in a conversation

Hey! Did you see that hilarious cat video on Instagram?

Yes, I did! It was so funny! 😂

I loved it too! I think I’m going to regram it on my profile.

That’s a great idea! Just make sure to give credit to the original poster.