What does Rekt mean in Gaming?


Rekt is a term often used by gamers, and it’s simply another way of saying “wrecked.” It’s a word that gamers use when they’ve completely defeated or humiliated another player in a game.

Let’s say you’re playing Fortnite and someone snipes you from a distance. That player might type “sniped rekt” in the chat. The word ‘rekt’ in this case is used to emphasize how they’ve totally dominated you in that particular moment.

Another common use of the term ‘rekt’ is in the phrase “get rekt”. At first glance, it might appear like they’re asking you to beat yourself, but that’s not what it means. Instead, “get rekt” is a playful, often sarcastic way of saying “you got owned” or “you got dominated”.

Example for using ‘Rekt’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that video of the gaming tournament last night?

Yeah, it was insane! That guy totally rekt his opponents!

I know, right? He was on fire!

Definitely. They didn’t stand a chance against him.