Remote Drop

What does Remote Drop mean?

A TV show or movie that’s so good you don’t want to switch it off

A Remote Drop is when you stumble upon a TV show or a movie that you love so much, you just can’t push yourself to switch channels or turn off the TV. You’re so engrossed, you metaphorically ‘drop’ the remote.

For instance, imagine you’re casually browsing through TV channels, and suddenly you land on The Godfather. Instantly, you ‘drop the remote’ and watch the rest of the movie, no matter what part it’s currently playing.

Discussing someone’s Remote Drops can be a fun way to learn more about them, especially their tastes and preferences which might not be so obvious otherwise. It’s like a window into their personality.

A notable example of this happened when famed director Quentin Tarantino confessed on a radio show that one of his Remote Drops was the movie Step Brothers. This revelation was quite surprising to many, as Tarantino is known for his high-quality, intense films, while Step Brothers is a silly comedy.

Example for using ‘Remote Drop’ in a conversation

Hey, have you watched any good movies lately?

Yeah, I had a remote drop last night!

Oh really? What did you watch?

I stumbled upon The Dark Knight on TV and couldn’t change the channel. It’s such a great movie!