What does Renoviction mean?

Kicking out tenants to make improvements

Renoviction is a term that describes a specific action taken by landlords. It’s when the people renting a space are kicked out so that the landlord can perform renovations. This term was first used by housing rights activist, John Smith, in 2008. It’s a blend of ‘renovation’ and ‘eviction.’

The term is usually used in a negative context, to criticize landlords for disrupting people’s lives for their own gain. For instance, you might see a social media campaign asking for donations to help those who have been unjustly evicted due to a renoviction.

It’s not just an online term, however. People use ‘renoviction’ in everyday conversations to talk about their experiences with this issue. By using this term, they’re able to highlight and condemn the actions of these landlords.

Example for using ‘Renoviction’ in a conversation

Hey, did you hear about the Johnsons? They got kicked out of their apartment!

No way, why?

The landlord wants to make some renovations. Classic case of renoviction.

That’s terrible! I hate when landlords do that. It’s so unfair.