Reply Guy

What does Reply Guy mean?

A man who responds to every single one of a woman’s posts on social media

A reply guy is typically a man who makes it a point to respond to every single social media post made by a woman. He is always vigilant, ever-ready to shower his wisdom upon any update posted by the woman (or women) he’s following.

These men are known for their somewhat condescending affirmations, needless explanations, or what is often referred to as mansplaining, and excessive praise or criticism that tends to be overly personal. Though these comments may not necessarily be harmful, they often result in annoyance for the women on the receiving end.

Unfortunately, there are times when these reply guys can overstep their boundaries and evolve into something more sinister. In such instances, they can become a significant and potentially dangerous nuisance to the women they focus their attentions on.

Example for using ‘Reply Guy’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see Lisa’s latest post?

Yeah, she’s got another Reply Guy on her hands. πŸ™„

Haha, I know! He’s always there, commenting on everything she posts.

It’s so annoying, right? I can’t imagine dealing with that all the time.