What does Republicrat mean?

A politician making money by backing big business interests

A Republicrat is essentially a dishonest politician who prioritizes the interests of big corporations over the needs of the people they’re supposed to represent. This term is a blend of the words Republican and Democrat, the two major political parties in the U.S. It’s an indication that this negative behavior can be found in both parties.

Typically, Republicrats lack genuine integrity. They put their own financial gain and the accumulation of power ahead of the interests of the general public. This trait is what characterizes them and differentiates them from other politicians.

The deceitful nature of Republicrats becomes evident during their campaigns. They may make a host of promises to appeal to voters, but once they get into office, their true colors start to show. Instead of working for the people, they often bow down to the demands of corporate lobbyists. This not only goes against the interests of the people, but also earns them a considerable amount of money.

Example for using ‘Republicrat’ in a conversation

Hey, did you hear about that new politician?

Yeah, the one who’s always talking about helping the people?

Exactly! But I think they might be a Republicrat.

What’s a Republicrat?

It’s a politician who supports corporate interests over the people they represent, just to make a profit.

Oh, that’s not good. We need politicians who actually care about us!