What does Respeck mean?

‘Respeck’ is slang for ‘Respect’

“Respeck” is a fun and trendy way of saying “Respect,” and it’s mainly used by the younger crowd on the internet. If they see someone not getting the respect they deserve, they might step in and say they need some “respeck.”

The first time we saw this quirky spelling was in the early 2000s. An animated show for adults called Sealab 2021 introduced us to the term “respek knuckles,” where two characters show respect by bumping their fists together.

But “respeck” really caught on after a famous event in 2016. A well-known rapper from Louisiana named Birdman was on The Breakfast Club, a big-time radio show in New York City. He ended up having a bit of a tantrum, telling the hosts they needed to stop making fun of him and start showing him some “respeck.”

People loved this new way of saying respect, and they started using the phrase “put some respeck on my name” whenever they wanted to demand respect for themselves. And that’s how “respeck” became a popular slang term.

Example for using ‘Respeck’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that comment thread on the meme page?

Yeah, people were being so rude to each other.

I know, right? It’s like they forgot about respeck.

Totally! We need to spread more positivity and respect online.