What does Resq mean?


Ever wondered what ‘Resq’ meant when your friend texted it to you? It’s a cool, shortened version of the word ‘rescue’. It can be used when someone needs help quickly. It’s a quick way to communicate the need for a rescue and it also looks pretty cool!

Just like ‘rescue’, ‘Resq’ can be used in different ways too. You can use it as a verb, like when you need to rescue a friend from an awkward date. Or it can be used as a noun, like when you’re the one who needs the rescue.

But did you know ‘Resq’ can also be used as an adjective? Yep, that’s right. For example, when you’re talking about pets that have been rescued, you can call them ‘resq pets’. So not only does it look cool, but it’s also super versatile!

Example for using ‘Resq’ in a conversation

Hey, are you still at the party?

Yeah, but it’s getting kinda boring. Wanna resq me?

Of course! On my way!