Retweet Offender

What does it mean?

Someone who retweets a lot on Twitter

A retweet offender is someone who can’t stop hitting the retweet button on Twitter. They’re so into sharing others’ tweets that they tend to overwhelm their followers with a flood of retweets. This term is a cheeky twist on the phrase “repeat offender”, which usually refers to individuals who commit the same crime multiple times.

Retweet offenders are often passionate about specific topics and think they’re doing their followers a favor by retweeting related content. They’re just trying to share tweets they believe are interesting or important. But for their followers, it can feel like they’re being bombarded with a non-stop stream of retweets.

It’s not uncommon for followers to find retweet offenders a bit annoying. After all, these folks are constantly filling up their Twitter feeds with retweets of other users’ posts. And sometimes, the only way to get a break from a retweet offender’s barrage of tweets is to temporarily mute, block or unfollow them.

Example for using ‘Retweet Offender’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see Jessica’s Twitter feed?

Yeah, it’s filled with retweets again. She’s such a retweet offender!

I know, right? It’s like she can’t stop herself from hitting that retweet button.

It gets annoying sometimes. My feed is just flooded with retweets from her.