Revenge Body

What does Revenge Body mean?

Getting in shape after a breakup

A revenge body is what you call it when someone starts working out and getting in shape after a breakup. It’s all about using the pain and disappointment from the end of a relationship to fuel a fitness journey.

Often, the goal of a revenge body is to make an ex-partner feel a twinge of regret. The idea is that seeing your impressive physical transformation might make them wish they hadn’t let you go.

This term is especially popular in the world of celebrities. After a public breakup, stars with lots of spare time often hit the gym and debut their revenge body to make their ex feel jealous.

Revenge body, or also known as revenge bod, is a clear example of how some people channel their emotions into something productive and positive.

Example for using ‘Revenge Body’ in a conversation

Hey, have you seen Sara’s recent Instagram post? 😮

Yeah, she’s looking amazing! 💪

I heard she went through a tough breakup. This must be her revenge body! 🔥

Definitely! She’s totally rocking it and showing her ex what he’s missing. 💁‍♀️