What does Ribby mean in Baseball?

Run batted in

When a batter steps up to the plate and their hit results in a run, not due to an error, they’ve earned what’s commonly referred to in slang as a Ribby.

This term is actually a fun spin on the acronym RBI, which stands for “Run Batted In”. It’s like a shorthand version that’s easier and quicker to say, especially during a fast-paced game.

Interestingly, the term “Ribby” comes from the word “Rib”, which is yet another slang term for RBI. Both are commonly used, depending on personal preference or local lingo.

And just like many other English words, “Ribby” also has a plural form – it’s “Ribbies“. So, next time you watch a baseball game, listen out for these terms and you’ll understand exactly what they mean.

Example for using ‘Ribby’ in a conversation

Hey! Did you see that home run in the game last night?

Yeah, it was awesome! That was a serious Ribby! πŸ™Œ

Totally! The batter really nailed it. That Ribby secured the win for the team.

No doubt! They’re definitely going to celebrate those ribbies tonight! πŸŽ‰