Ribcage Bragging

What does Ribcage Bragging mean?

Flaunting your rib cage

Ribcage bragging is a trend where individuals share pictures displaying their ribs on the internet. Most often, it’s women in bathing suits that participate in this trend, primarily on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

It’s a trend that’s considered to be in the same category as the ‘thigh gap’ and ‘bikini bridge’. Many find it controversial as the body image it promotes is often unachievable for a lot of women.

Moreover, plenty of critics argue that ‘ribcage bragging’ promotes an unhealthy standard of beauty. It’s seen as a potentially damaging trend, especially considering the influence of social media on young people’s body image.

Example for using ‘Ribcage Bragging’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see her latest post?

The one where she’s in a bikini? Yeah, I saw it.

She’s totally ribcage bragging.

I know, right? I wish people would stop promoting such unrealistic body standards.