What does Rickroll mean?

Pulling a prank by making someone watch a Rick Astley music video

Ever been Rickrolled? If you’ve been fooled into clicking a link expecting a certain content, only to be redirected to the music video for Rick Astley’s 1987 hit song “Never Gonna Give You Up”, then yes, you have been. This online prank has gained a lot of popularity as a humorous way to trick internet users.

The origins of Rickroll can be traced back to an older prank known as duckroll. In this, a user would post a link that seems to lead to a relevant article or news piece, but instead takes the clicker to a picture of a duck on wheels. The term Rickroll has now taken on a broader meaning and can refer to any misleading or deceptive action, although this usage is less common.

Example for using ‘Rickroll’ in a conversation

Dude, I just got a pop quiz in chemistry today.

Oh no, how’d it go?

WITS, I had no idea what was on that paper.

That’s the worst. Hope you did okay though!