What does Ridic mean?

‘Ridic’ is slang for ‘Ridiculous’

Often, when people are astounded or amazed by something, they’ll use the term “ridic”. This is a shortened version of the word “ridiculous” and is commonly used in text messages or online chats. You’ll likely hear it in conversations among younger folks, particularly teenagers and young adults.

It’s frequently used by sporty teenagers or trendy young people to describe something that’s crazy but in a cool or exciting way. For instance, if a basketball player pulls off an incredible trick shot, you might hear someone say, “That was ridic!”

But it’s not just used for positive experiences. You might also hear someone use “ridic” to express frustration or disbelief at a negative situation. If someone feels they’re being treated unfairly, they might exclaim, “This is ridic!” to show their annoyance.

Example for using ‘Ridic’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that dunk last night? πŸ€ It was ridic!

I know, right?! 🀯 He flew through the air like a superhero!

Totally! It was the most ridic thing I’ve ever seen on the court.

I couldn’t believe my eyes! That athlete has some serious skills. πŸ™Œ