What does Ripped mean?

Very fit or well-built

When someone is described as being “ripped”, it means they have a body that is extremely fit and muscular. For instance, if your friend Bob has a six-pack and impressive biceps, you could ask him, “Bob, how did you get so ripped?”

The origin of the term “ripped” in this context is not entirely clear, but some believe it evolved from the term “chiseled”, which is used to describe a body as defined and muscular as a Greek statue. The usage of “ripped” to describe a muscular body can be traced back to the 1970s.

The term “ripped” is quite popular in the fitness community, both online and offline, to describe a well-toned body. However, it’s not restricted to just fitness enthusiasts. Even those outside the fitness circle use the term due to its widespread popularity.

Example for using ‘Ripped’ in a conversation

Hey, have you seen John lately?

Yeah, I saw him at the gym yesterday. Why?

Dude, he’s so ripped now! His muscles are insane!

No way! I remember when he started working out, but I didn’t know he got that ripped.