What does RMA stand for?

Return Merchandise Authorization

An RMA, or Return Merchandise Authorization, is a special number given to a customer by a supplier. This number is part of the process when you want to send something back to the store because you want your money back, or the item needs to be fixed or replaced.

You might need an RMA if you’re sending back something that’s broken through the post. If you’ve talked to the supplier and a repair person and they agree the item is broken, you’ll be given an RMA. You then write this number on the outside of the package you’re sending.

You’ll often see RMA used as a short form on online message boards where people are talking about sending items back. Or, you might hear the supplier or repair person mention it when you’re trying to return an item. The RMA is a useful tool for both the supplier and the customer as it helps keep track of the returned item.

Example for using ‘RMA’ in a conversation

Hey, I just got this new phone and it’s not working properly. 😞

Oh no! That’s not good. Did you try contacting the seller?

Yeah, I did. They asked me to send it back for a refund or replacement.

Got it. Did they give you an RMA number?

Yes, they did. I have to write it on the box before shipping it back.

That’s good. It helps the seller keep track of your return. Hope they fix it soon! 🀞