What does RN mean?

Right now

You’ve probably seen RN (or rn) popping up in your texts, online chats, and social media posts. This slang term is used to refer to something happening “right now”. So, if your friend texts you saying, “I’m really hungry rn, let’s grab a burger.”, they’re using RN to express a desire to eat immediately.

RN is a quick and easy way to convey urgency or immediacy. It’s commonly seen on platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook, and is used in both public posts and private messages. For instance, your buddy might post on Twitter, “This game is so cool rn!”, indicating they’re currently having a blast playing a particular game.

Not only is RN used to describe something happening in the present moment, but it’s also used when planning upcoming events. So, if your friend says, “We should hang out rn”, they mean they want to hang out soon or immediately. It’s a simple, straightforward way of expressing the need for a swift action or response.

Example for using ‘RN’ in a conversation

Hey, are you free to hang out later?

Sorry, can’t right now. I’m studying for my exam RN. πŸ˜“

No worries! Good luck with your exam! Let’s catch up after you’re done. πŸ‘

Thanks! Definitely! I’ll hit you up when I’m done. πŸŽ‰