What does ROBL stand for?

Rolling on back laughing

Imagine getting a message that’s so funny, you’re not just laughing, you’re rolling on your back laughing. That’s the idea behind the slang term ‘ROBL’. It’s a fun, exaggerated way of letting someone know that you found their message incredibly hilarious. Much like the popular term ‘ROFL’ (Rolling On the Floor Laughing), ‘ROBL’ is used to express intense amusement in text conversations.

Of course, the person who’s using ‘ROBL’ isn’t likely to be literally rolling on their back in laughter. It’s more about painting a vivid, funny picture to communicate just how much you’re laughing. People use it to add extra flavor to their messages and to let the other person know that their joke or funny comment was a hit.

So, next time you receive a ‘ROBL’ in a message, know that you’ve made the sender laugh a lot. It’s a term full of fun and laughter, used to make text conversations more lively and expressive.

Example for using ‘ROBL’ in a conversation

Hey, did you hear about the new comedy show in town?

No, what’s it called?

It’s called “Laugh Fest”! I heard it’s hilarious! 🤣

Oh, I gotta check it out! ROBL! 🤣🤣