What does ROFLMRO stand for?

Rolling on the floor laughing my rear off

ROFLMRO is a less graphic version of the commonly used ROFLMAO, and it denotes “rolling on the floor laughing my rear off”. You’ll typically see it in text messages, online chats, and social media posts.

Just to be clear, when someone uses ROFLMRO, they’re not literally rolling on the floor in laughter until their rear falls off. It’s an exaggeration used to communicate that something is extremely funny.

Even though it’s a bit long and doesn’t necessarily save time or space, ROFLMRO is a fun way to react to comical videos, stories, and memes. Say, for instance, you share a meme about forgetting what day it is with your buddy, they might reply with “ROFLMRO! That’s so true!”

Example for using ‘ROFLMRO’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that video of the cat trying to jump on the table but failing miserably?

ROFLMRO! That’s hilarious! Poor kitty couldn’t make it!

I know, right? I couldn’t stop laughing!

Me neither! It was so funny, I had tears in my eyes!