What does ROFLUSA stand for?

Rolling on floor laughing until sides ache

ROFLUSA is an obscure, extended acronym that people might utilize in digital communication as a response to ridiculously funny content like stories, videos, images, or memes. It’s an exaggerated expression; those using it aren’t literally rolling on the floor laughing so hard that their sides ache.

As this acronym is quite long, it doesn’t particularly save any time or space in comparison to more familiar laughter-related expressions, such as ‘haha’, ‘LOL’, or ‘LMAO’. Yet, it might be a fitting choice when you’re sharing a hearty laugh with buddies who are aware of what this acronym stands for.

Example for using ‘ROFLUSA’ in a conversation

Hey, have you seen that new video of the cat trying to catch its own tail? 🐱

No, I haven’t. Is it funny? πŸ˜„

OMG, yes! I was ROFLUSA when I watched it! 🀣

Haha, I’ll check it out then. Can’t wait to ROFLUSA too! πŸ˜‚