What does ROTFLMBO stand for?

Rolling on the floor, laughing my behind off

Have you ever seen ROTFLMBO in a text or online and scratched your head, trying to figure out what it means? Well, it’s an acronym standing for “Rolling On The Floor, Laughing My Behind Off“. ROTFLMBO is used as a reaction to something extremely hilarious, something that has you laughing so hard you’re figuratively rolling on the floor.

This slang term is a mashup of ROTFL and LMBO. ROTFL means “Rolling On The Floor Laughing” and LMBO simply stands for “Laughing My Behind Off”. ROTFLMBO is a more modest version of ROTFLMAO, which has a slightly naughtier meaning.

It’s worth noting that ROTFLMBO is not as commonly known, so use it sparingly and only with those who are well-versed in internet slang. If not, you might leave the person on the other end bewildered, thinking you’ve just mashed your keyboard!

So, the next time you see ROTFLMBO in a chat or a text, you’ll know that someone is having a good laugh!

Example for using ‘ROTFLMBO’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that video of the cat falling off the table?


I couldn’t stop laughing, it was hilarious!

I know, right? I was literally rolling on the floor!