What does it mean?

Home run

Ever heard the term ‘Round-tripper’ while watching a baseball match? It’s nothing but a fun and quirky way to refer to a home run. The term is popular among commentators and sports enthusiasts alike.

The phrase ‘Round-tripper’ has its roots in the airline industry. Just as a round-trip flight takes you to your destination and brings you back home, a ‘Round-tripper’ in baseball involves starting at home plate, touching all bases, and coming back to home plate.

You might also come across it as ’round tripper’. In a nutshell, ‘Round-tripper’ is a baseball lingo that adds a bit of flair to the game’s commentary.

Example for using ‘Round-tripper’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that game last night?

Yeah, it was amazing! Did you catch that round-tripper in the 7th inning?

Oh yeah, that home run was epic! It sailed over the outfield fence!

Definitely! The batter hit it out of the park and made a complete round trip!