What does RPC stand for?

Role play chat

RPC is an abbreviation for “role play chat”, which is a type of online conversation where each person pretends to be a character. For instance, you could be part of a Lord of the Rings RPC, where you and your buddies chat while pretending to be elves, dwarves, or other characters in the midst of a digital adventure.

RPC is not limited to any specific type of role-playing. It can be used for a wide variety of scenarios, from knights and dragons to intergalactic travelers to love stories. There are both public and private chat rooms on websites and smartphone apps where you can participate in RPCs.

Role play chat or RPC is just one of several ways people can engage in role-playing. Other ways include LARP, or live action role play, where people meet face-to-face, often dressed up, to act out their character’s roles.

Example for using ‘RPC’ in a conversation

Hey, have you heard of RPC?

Yeah, it stands for Role Play Chat. It’s where people act as characters in an online chat.

That sounds fun! What kind of characters can you be?

You can be anything you want! From wizards and fighters in a fantasy world to aliens or even romantic characters.