What does RT mean on Twitter?


RT is a commonly used acronym on Twitter, standing for ‘retweet’. It’s used when you share or repost another user’s tweet. This typically includes the original poster’s username (which is always preceded by an ‘@’ symbol) along with the content of their tweet.

The idea behind a retweet, or RT, is to easily spread a certain message across the Twitter platform. When you RT a tweet, it appears on your own feed, and thus, becomes visible to all your followers. They can then continue to RT the message to their own followers, amplifying its reach.

This mechanism is particularly useful when it comes to spreading news updates or important information quickly. However, it’s worth noting that the ease of RT-ing can sometimes lead to the rapid spread of incorrect or misleading information, which can cause confusion among users.

Example for using ‘RT’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that tweet about the concert tonight?

Yeah, I did! I RTed it to let everyone know.

Awesome! I’ll RT it too, so more people can see it.

That’s a good idea. RTing helps spread the word quickly.