What does RTFMM mean?

Read the flippin’ manual, moron

Have you heard of the slang term ‘RTFMM’? It’s a bit of a twist on the more common ‘RTFM,’ but with a bit more bite. This phrase is hurled out when people want to say that the answer to a question can be found in a manual or guide, like the ones you get with new gadgets or software.

Think about it this way. If a pal asks you an obvious question about their new tablet on a group chat, you could throw back a cheeky ‘RTFMM. The info you need is all in there.’ Or maybe a colleague keeps asking the same question about a process at work. A gentle reminder of ‘RTFMM, it’s all there in the guide’ might do the trick to get them to check the manual.

But ‘RTFMM’ isn’t just a tool for frustration. It can be a fun way to tease or joke with friends. Imagine your buddy keeps asking how to beat a level in a video game. A quick ‘RTFMM, dude. It’s all in the game guide!’ could be a playful way to nudge them towards the answer.

So remember, when you hear ‘RTFMM’, it’s a prompt to check the manual or guide for the answer. It might be a sign that someone is a bit fed up with the question, or just a friendly tease. But either way, it’s a reminder that sometimes, the answers we need are right at our fingertips.

Example for using ‘RTFMM’ in a conversation

Hey, I just got a new smartphone! Do you know how to set up the fingerprint scanner?

RTFMM. The instructions will guide you on how to do it. πŸ˜‰

Ugh, I hate reading manuals. Can you just tell me?

Haha, sorry, but you gotta RTFMM! It’s all there, trust me. πŸ“š