What does RU mean?

Are you

When someone types RU in a text or social media message, they’re actually asking ‘are you’. It’s a quick, convenient way to kick off a question, especially when you’re asking if someone is going to do something.

Let’s say your buddy wants to know if you’re busy this weekend. Instead of typing out a whole sentence, they might just send “RU free on Sunday?”. It’s a time-saver, and it gets straight to the point.

Or maybe your significant other is getting a little impatient about chores. They might send you a message like “RU going to take out the trash, or should I do it?”. It’s a simple, direct way to ask a question.

So, next time you see RU pop up in a text, don’t scratch your head. It’s just a quicker way to say ‘are you’ when someone’s asking you a question.

Example for using ‘RU’ in a conversation

Hey, RU free for lunch today? πŸ”

Yeah, I’m free! What time? ⏰

How about 12:30? πŸ•§

Sounds good! See you then! 😊