What does RUFR stand for?

Are you for real?

Ever heard of the acronym ‘RUFR’? It’s a quick and easy way to ask someone if they’re being serious. In other words, it stands for ‘Are You For Real’. This is something you’d use when you’re having a hard time believing what someone just told you.

Here’s an example. Let’s say your buddy, Mike, tells you he’s just been offered a role in a Hollywood movie. There’s a good chance you’ll be skeptical about it, right? So, you might respond with ‘RUFR’ to express your disbelief.

If Mike insists that he’s not joking and he really did get the part, then it might be a good time to ask him for some celebrity autographs. After all, who knows when you might get another chance!

Example for using ‘RUFR’ in a conversation

Hey, did you hear? I aced my math test!

RUFR? You never study!

No, seriously! I studied really hard this time.

Well, if you say so. Good job then! πŸ‘