What does RYC stand for?

Regarding your comment

Ever stumbled upon the acronym ‘RYC’ during an online chat or forum discussion? It’s a common term used to refer to “Regarding Your Comment.” It’s a way for users to directly respond to something you’ve said earlier.

Let’s imagine you’ve just posted a passionate argument about why ketchup on hotdogs is a culinary abomination. Someone might reply, “RYC, I actually love ketchup on my hotdogs.” Their food choices might be questionable, but they’ve clearly read your comment and thoughtfully responded to it.

So, next time you see ‘RYC’ on the internet, know that someone is acknowledging your comment and responding to your opinion.

Example for using ‘RYC’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see the new Marvel movie?

RYC, I haven’t watched it yet. Is it good?

Oh, it’s amazing! The action scenes are mind-blowing.

Nice! I’ll definitely check it out then. Thanks for the recommendation!