What does S~! mean in multiplayer air combat games?


When you’re caught up in a thrilling multiplayer air combat game, especially those set in the WWII era, you might come across the term ‘S~!’. This is a quick and efficient way for players to say “Salute!” after shooting down another player’s aircraft.

It’s all about respect among players. Even in the heat of the battle, players use ‘S~!’ to acknowledge a well-executed move by their opponent. It’s a nod to the other player’s skills and strategy.

The term is not always written out as ‘S~!’. Sometimes, you might spot it as “S!” or even just “S”. No matter the variation, the meaning remains the same – a salute to the player who just lost their aircraft.

Example for using ‘S~!’ in a conversation

Hey, guess what? I just shot down an enemy plane in that new flight simulator game! 🎮💥

Nice one! S~! 🙌✈️

Thanks! It was a close call, but I managed to take them down. 💪🔥

You’re becoming a pro at this. Keep it up! S~! 🤘🚀