Saddam Hussein

What does Saddam Hussein mean in Golf?

Golf shot that goes from one bunker to another bunker

In golf language, ‘Saddam Hussein’ refers to a situation where a player’s ball goes from one sand trap to another. This term is related to the former Iraqi leader, who hid in the desert sands during his last days.

On a golf course, bunkers or sand traps increase the challenge of the game. The nature of the sand in these hazards can cause players to mishit their shots, often landing the ball in another bunker or leaving it stuck in the same one.

The notorious leader, known for his tyrannical rule, was forced into hiding by American forces in 2003. His hideout was in the desert sands, similar to a golf ball stuck in a bunker. He was eventually found and executed in 2006. This is why the term came to be known as ‘Saddam Hussein’ in golf lingo.

Example for using ‘Saddam Hussein’ in a conversation

Hey, remember that golf shot from one bunker into another bunker?

Oh yeah, you mean the ‘Saddam Hussein’!

Haha, exactly! It’s like when you’re already stuck in one bunker and then you hit the ball into another one.

It’s such a frustrating shot, just like Saddam Hussein hiding in the desert sand!