Safe Space

What does Safe Space mean?

A place where you feel safe, either physically or emotionally

A safe space is a secure and accepting environment where individuals can be their authentic selves without the fear of judgment, criticism, or harm. It can be a physical location or a mental state.

Safe spaces became widely recognized in the United States during the 2010s as a means to shield marginalized individuals from prejudice, hate speech, and offensive conduct. These spaces are particularly prominent on university campuses where a variety of ideas are regularly exchanged among diverse groups.

These spaces have been particularly beneficial for vulnerable communities such as the LGBTQ and African-American communities. However, the concept of safe spaces has also faced criticism for potentially limiting free speech by restricting the free exchange of ideas.

Example for using ‘Safe Space’ in a conversation

Hey, I really need to talk to someone. Can we meet up?

Of course! What’s wrong?

I’ve been feeling really down lately and I just need a safe space to vent.

I’m here for you. Let’s meet at the park tomorrow. It’s a peaceful place where we can talk without any judgment.