What does SASE stand for?

Self-addressed stamped envelope

When people talk about mailing something, they might use the term SASE. This is short for “self-addressed stamped envelope.” It’s an envelope that you put inside another letter or package. It already has your address and a stamp on it. That way, the person who gets your letter can use the SASE to send something back to you. They won’t have to pay for the postage themselves.

Let’s look at some examples to make it clear. A company might have a special offer where they give customers money back. They’ll ask the customers to send in proof that they bought something. They might also ask for a SASE. The company will use this to send the money back. The customer doesn’t have to pay for the stamp.

Another example could be someone who collects autographs. They might send a request to a famous person along with a SASE. This makes it easy for the celebrity to send the autograph back. They won’t have to worry about getting a stamp or writing the address.

Example for using ‘SASE’ in a conversation

Hey, I need your help with something.

Sure, what’s up?

I want to send a letter to my favorite author and ask for an autograph.

That’s awesome! What do you need help with?

I heard that I should include a SASE with my request. What’s a SASE?

A SASE is a self-addressed stamped envelope. You include it in your letter, so the author can send back the autograph without paying for postage.

Oh, I get it! Thanks for explaining.

No problem! Good luck with your letter!