What does Sched mean?

‘Sched’ is slang for ‘Schedule’

You might hear the term ‘Sched’ a lot in a relaxed work setting. This commonly used slang is actually a shortened version of the word ‘schedule’ and is pronounced as ‘skedge’.

People generally use ‘Sched’ when discussing the day’s plans or what’s on the agenda for the day. It is particularly popular as it’s quicker to say, aiding in fast and efficient communication.

This term is more frequently spoken than written. So, you’re more likely to hear it in informal conversations at work rather than seeing it in an email or text.

Example for using ‘Sched’ in a conversation

Hey! What’s up?

Not much, just looking at my sched for tomorrow. What about you?

Same here! Let’s meet up for lunch at 12pm.

Sounds good! I’ll mark it on my sched. See you then! πŸ”