What does Sconnie mean?

‘Sconnie’ is slang for ‘Wisconsin’

Sconnie is a term that’s used to refer to anything that’s related to the state of Wisconsin. It’s a word that’s derived from the middle four letters of ‘Wisconsin’. It can be used as a noun or an adjective.

For instance, someone from Wisconsin might be referred to as a sconnie, similar to how you might call someone from Wisconsin a ‘Wisconsinite’. Apart from people, it can also refer to anything that represents the culture of the state, be it their love for football or dairy products.

You might use the term in everyday life like when you learn that your new neighbors are from Wisconsin, you could say to your partner, “Guess what, dear? Our new neighbors are sconnies!” Or, if you’re out on a Wisconsin lake, enjoying some cheese curds and bratwurst, you could share a picture on social media with a caption like, “Living the sconnie life!”

The exact origin of the term is not known, but it’s believed to have been coined in the 1980s at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. Since then, it’s been embraced by many, including fans of the UW Badgers, as a term of local pride.

However, it’s worth noting that people from neighboring states such as Minnesota, Iowa, Michigan, and Illinois sometimes use the term sconnie in a derogatory manner. For instance, after a Packers’ victory, a Chicago Bears fan might grumble, “I can’t bear these sconnies celebrating in our stadium.”

Example for using ‘Sconnie’ in a conversation

Hey, guess what? I just found out the new neighbors are sconnies! 🧀🌽

No way! That’s cool. I heard they’re from Wisconsin. 🏈🐄

Yeah, they love football and cheese. Total sconnie life! 🏈🧀

Haha, that’s so true! We should invite them over for a game night. 🎮🍻