What does it mean?

Scrilla means Money

When you hear the word Scrilla, it’s just a cool way of saying money. This term is frequently used in the rap and hip-hop community. It’s also seen in the stage names of some artists.

It’s not the only slang term for cash though. Similar to words like moolah, dough, and bucks, scrilla refers to the same thing – money. Sometimes, you might also see it spelled as “skrilla”.

So next time when you listen to a rap song and hear scrilla, you now know they’re talking about money! Slang terms like this keep our language interesting and fresh.

Example for using ‘Scrilla’ in a conversation

Hey, can you lend me some scrilla? I need to buy those concert tickets.

Sure, how much do you need?

About $100 should be enough.

No problem, I can hook you up with the scrilla.