What does SE stand for in Pokémon?

Super effective

When you hear the term ‘SE’ in the context of Pokémon battles, it stands for super effective. This is an acronym that’s used to highlight when a Pokémon’s attack inflicts heavy damage on its opponent. ‘SE’ is the exact opposite of another term you might come across, ‘NVE’.

Pokémon are mythical creatures that are trained by humans to take part in battles. These battles are often competitive and the Pokémon take turns to attack each other using their unique abilities.

These abilities can range from focus energy and growl to smog and thunder punch. The effectiveness of these moves varies depending on the type of Pokémon that is attacking and the type that is being attacked. So, when an attack is super effective, it means that it caused significant damage to the opponent.

Example for using ‘SE’ in a conversation

Hey, remember that battle we had with our Pokémon yesterday?

Yeah, of course! It was intense. My Pikachu’s Thunderbolt was so powerful!

Definitely! It was super effective against my Charizard.

Haha, yeah! It dealt a lot of damage. Charizard couldn’t handle it.