What does Sealioning mean?

Sealioning: Pestering someone with questions

Sealioning is a kind of online trolling where someone pretends to be genuinely interested in a topic by asking a series of polite but persistent questions. However, their real intent is not to learn, but to annoy or frustrate the person they’re questioning. This behavior can be seen in person, but it’s more common on social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit.

The goal of the person sealioning is to tire out their target by asking an endless stream of questions about a topic that they could easily look up themselves. They hope to provoke a negative reaction, which they can then use to play the victim.

The term ‘sealioning’ comes from a 2014 comic strip by artist David Malki. In the comic, a sea lion continually bothers a character with questions about why they don’t like sea lions. This behavior was later named ‘sealioning’ by fans of the comic, and the term was first used by online trolls during the gamergate controversy in 2014.

Example for using ‘Sealioning’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that article about climate change?

Yeah, I did. It’s a pretty serious issue.

I agree. We need to take action to reduce our carbon footprint.

But how do you propose we do that? It seems like a complicated problem.

Well, there are various solutions like using renewable energy sources, promoting public transportation, and practicing sustainable living.

But what about the economic impact of transitioning to renewable energy?

There are studies showing that investing in renewable energy can actually create more jobs and boost the economy in the long run.

I’m not convinced. Can you provide me with specific data on job creation and economic growth?