Second Screen

What does Second Screen mean?

Using your phone or tablet while watching TV

Second Screen is quite literally a second screen, like a tablet or a laptop, that you use alongside watching TV. It’s a common sight, especially during sports seasons when you may want to keep an eye on your Fantasy Football team while also enjoying the game on TV.

But it’s not just for sports fans. The second screen can also be a handy companion when you’re watching a TV show but it’s just not gripping enough to hold your full attention. With your second screen, you can half-watch the show while surfing the internet, playing a game, or engaging in any other online activity.

So the next time you find yourself getting a little bored with what’s on the TV, don’t feel bad about reaching for that second screen. It’s a great way to multitask and keep yourself entertained, even during the most tedious of TV shows.

Example for using ‘Second Screen’ in a conversation

Hey, are you watching the game?

Yeah, I’ve got my second screen ready! πŸ“±

Nice! I’m using mine to keep track of my fantasy football team. 🏈

That’s smart! I’m using mine to browse the web while half-watching the show. πŸ˜„