What does Selficide mean?

Dying because of snapping a selfie

Selficide is a word you might hear when someone has died due to taking a risky selfie. It’s a clever blend of the words ‘selfie’ and ‘suicide’, but it’s important to note that most selficides are not suicides.

Usually, these unfortunate events are accidental. A selficide happens when someone’s search for the perfect selfie ends in tragedy because they didn’t take enough care. They may have been trying to get a shot in a dangerous location or while doing something risky.

So, selficide is not about someone intending to end their life, but rather about a life ending unexpectedly due to a dangerous selfie attempt. Therefore, while it’s true that a person who dies from selficide has, in essence, caused their own death, it’s not likely that they intended to do so.

Example for using ‘Selficide’ in a conversation

Hey, did you hear about that selficide incident?

No, what’s a selficide?

It’s when someone dies while taking a dangerous selfie.

Oh wow, that’s terrible! So, it’s like accidental death, right?

Exactly! Most selficides are not suicides. It happens when people take risky selfies without realizing the danger.