What does Selfie-conscious mean?

Feeling uneasy about taking a selfie

Feeling selfie-conscious is something many of us can relate to. It’s that nagging worry that people might be watching and judging you while you’re trying to snap a selfie. This feeling often pops up when you’re out and about, trying to capture a moment of yourself alone.

Imagine this: You’re in a crowded place, perhaps a cafΓ© or a park. You pull out your phone, aim it at yourself, and suddenly, you feel like everyone’s eyes are on you. That feeling right there? That’s being selfie-conscious.

It’s not just about feeling watched, though. Sometimes, being selfie-conscious comes from the idea that you’re bothering others with your picture-taking. Maybe you’re worried you’re blocking someone’s view, or perhaps you’re feeling a bit guilty about your selfie habit.

So next time you’re out and feel the urge to take a selfie but feel a bit embarrassed, remember – you’re probably just being a bit selfie-conscious.

Example for using ‘Selfie-conscious’ in a conversation

OMG, I just took the most embarrassing selfie in the park. 😳

Haha, why embarrassing? πŸ€”

Well, I felt so selfie-conscious because everyone was giving me weird looks. πŸ˜…

I get it! Sometimes people just don’t understand our selfie game. πŸ€³πŸ˜‚