Selfie Stick

What does Selfie Stick mean?

A pole that extends with a smartphone at the tip

A ‘Selfie Stick’ is essentially a pole that has a spot to attach your smartphone at the end. This inventive tool is designed to help you take selfies from angles that would otherwise be impossible to reach with just your arm.

Many people, especially tourists and social media enthusiasts, find it helpful to have a selfie stick. It allows them to capture wide-angle shots or group selfies without asking someone else to take the photo. However, there are also those who find it irritating when others carry around such a large device solely for the purpose of taking selfies.

Whether you find them handy or annoying, there’s no denying that selfie sticks have become a common sight in many public places. They play a significant role in today’s selfie culture, offering a practical solution for those who want to take the perfect selfie from the best possible angle.

Example for using ‘Selfie Stick’ in a conversation

Hey, I just got a new gadget! 📸

Oh really? What is it? 😮

It’s a selfie stick! 🤳

A selfie stick? What’s that? 🤔

It’s a pole with a smartphone holder at the end, so you can take selfies from farther away. 🤳✨

Oh, I get it! So you can get a wider view in your photos? 🌄

Exactly! It helps you capture more of the background or fit more people in the frame. 📷🌟

That’s pretty cool, but don’t you think it’s a bit