What does Sesh mean?

‘Sesh’ is slang for ‘Session’

When you hear the term ‘Sesh’, it’s simply a trendy way of saying “session.” This cool-talk is often used among youngsters to denote any kind of gathering or hangout.

It’s particularly popular in the context of music, like when friends get together for a jam session. For instance, you might hear someone say, “Can’t wait for the jam sesh at Jake’s tonight, I’ve been working on my riffs all week!”

But a ‘sesh’ isn’t just about music. It could be any kind of meet-up. So don’t be surprised if you get an invite to a gaming sesh, a study sesh, or even a cooking sesh! It’s all about hanging out and doing something fun together.

Example for using ‘Sesh’ in a conversation

Hey! Are you coming to the jam sesh tonight? 🎸

Definitely! I’ve been practicing my guitar all week. Can’t wait! 🀘

Awesome! It’s gonna be a fun music sesh! 🎢

I agree! I love our jam seshes. They always bring out the creativity in everyone. 🎡