What does Sfty mean in football?


Sfty is a term often used in football that stands for safety. This situation arises when a player either gets tackled or inadvertently loses control over the ball, causing it to go out of bounds within his own end zone. This results in the opposing team being awarded 2 points.

The team that conceded the safety is required to punt the ball to the opposition. This gives the opposition an advantage as they have an opportunity to score more points.

In Fantasy Football, safety is an important element. The defence of the starting team can earn points by securing a safety. Apart from this, the defence can also accumulate points through various other ways such as making interceptions, recovering fumbles, sacking the quarterback, and even scoring touchdowns.

Example for using ‘Sfty’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that game last night?

Yeah, it was crazy! Did you catch that Sfty in the fourth quarter?

I know, right? The defense really stepped up with that play.

Definitely! It gave the other team two points and changed the momentum.