What does SFV stand for in gaming?

Street Fighter V

In the gaming world, SFV is an acronym, short for Street Fighter V. This combat video game, developed by the company Capcom, was launched in 2016 on Windows and PS4 platforms.

One of the reasons for SFV’s popularity is its active participation in esports, where competitors have the chance to win cash prizes. Hence, you might often find online conversations about SFV tournaments.

Additionally, there are references to SFV’s Arcade Edition and Champion Edition. These are not new games, but rather upgraded versions of Street Fighter V. They have improved features and extra content, adding to the overall gaming experience.

Example for using ‘SFV’ in a conversation

Hey, have you tried SFV yet? 🎮

Yeah, I’ve been playing it non-stop! It’s so much fun! 😄

I know, right? The graphics are amazing! Did you join any SFV tournaments? 🏆

Not yet, but I’m thinking about it. I want to test my skills against other players. 💪