Sham Bomb

What does Sham Bomb mean in NBA?

A fresh news story by Shams Charania

A Sham Bomb refers to a sudden and impactful NBA report released by Shams Charania, an NBA correspondent for The Vertical on Yahoo. The news usually surfaces unexpectedly and contains essential information about a player or the NBA league itself, hence the term ‘bomb’.

There’s a similar term called Woj Bomb, named after Adrian Wojnarowski, another NBA insider. Both terms are used to describe reports that significantly shift the NBA landscape.

The phrase Sham Bomb started trending around June and July of 2017. This was when Shams Charania began to release more breaking news reports, which led to a surge in his Twitter followers.

Usually, Sham Bombs are detonated during the NBA offseason, a time when player trades and signings are most common. This period includes the draft and the start of free agency.

Example for using ‘Sham Bomb’ in a conversation

Did you hear about the Sham Bomb today? πŸš€

No, what’s that? πŸ€”

It’s a breaking NBA report by Shams Charania. It’s always unexpected and has a big impact! πŸ’£

Oh, got it! So, what’s the news this time? πŸ€